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Cranberry Village has been a family owned enterprise for over 20 years. Larry Law, the owner, emigrated from Hong Kong to Canada in 1984, and has since been a successful developer and builder in Ontario. He has built thousands of homes in the Greater Toronto Area, and was the master developer in the renowned Cornell project in Markham between 1997 and 2003.

CranberryIn 1992, Larry stumbled upon the former Cranberry Village on a family trip. It was love at first sight, and Larry acquired the property. In hindsight, it was indeed God’s calling. It was through those years of many memorable experiences with his family and friends at this property that inspired Larry to turn this beautiful and natural environment into a community. He wanted others to be able to come to the resort and have people visit, stay and enjoy what was so special to him. With this in mind, Larry developed his business at Cranberry into two tracks.

On the residential track, hundreds of exquisitely designed houses were built and sold to retirees and families as second homes. On the hospitality track, which has continued to grow, a series of resort developments have continued up to today.

The first phase of the waterfront property was completed in 2007 with 40 studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites. A year later the Bear Estate, Collingwood’s only waterfront banquet hall is built along the shores of Georgian Bay.

The Living Water Resort & Residences was formally established in 2013 with the opening of the second phase. This development introduced new suites as well as a tapas bar. Phase 3 was completed in 2015 and brought an exciting waterfront restaurant as well as an Aquapath™ spa facility.

Aside from expanding and upgrading the resort in Collingwood, Larry, with the support of his wife, children, and the like-minded leaders and staff, sees his hospitality business as an opportunity to build a fun and caring community for his customers, staff and the locals. This has become the vision and mission of Cranberry Village.

Living Water building